Simplex Ventures Founders Series: Meet Pulse Charter Connect

Pulse Charter Connect

Our “Simplex Ventures Founders Series” article for March highlights Pulse Charter Connect, providing a digital solution to improve organ transplant success rates for patients. By replacing time consuming manual processes, Pulse Charter Connect streamlines the logistics of organ transport.

Pulse Charter Connect

A Q&A with Pulse Charter Connect’s Founder & CEO, Laura Epstein

Hello! Can you please share a quick introduction of Pulse Charter Connect and your role within the company?

Pulse Charter Connect provides a digital SaaS solution for Critical Healthcare Logistics – being faster, less expensive, safer, and improving transplant success rates for organ patients. We automate an outdated and inefficient process of organ transport logistics.

My role as founder and CEO entails observing organ procurements, interviewing customers, developing the product, and much more! Fortunately, I have an incredible team behind the scenes as well.

As an organ transfer logistics optimization platform driving innovation in the medical logistics space, what problem is Pulse Charter Connect built to solve?

Care providers and families still rely on highly disconnected transportation systems, antiquated human-driven scheduling methods, and high uncertainty in viable organ delivery. These results persist: organs lose viability in transit, lives are lost, and caregivers and families experience high stress.

Can you tell us what inspired the founding of Pulse Charter Connect?

I’ve always had a passion for bettering society through aviation. I am an aerospace engineer and pilot by training, so when working in the organ transportation space as a consultant, I witnessed the inefficiencies firsthand. Alongside my direct experience, I’ve had some close friends impacted by organ transplants, and knew that this was my calling.

Can you walk through the value add for individuals, health systems, and any other stakeholders?

The current processes for locating transportation providers are inherently manual, without the proper measures in place to check for safety certificates, timing, and reputation. Pulse builds upon the manual processes in place today while also providing the opportunity to continue working with your current providers, or switch to our platform in lieu of a traditional broker and maximize cost savings. We have increased transparency throughout the supply chain. Pulse empowers the team to choose whom they would like to work with on a case-by-case basis, rather than only having one choice.

Are there any recent success stories you can share with us?

We have recently signed up three incredible transplant organizations across the US that match our values in transparency and efficiency. We intend to get started with them as soon as possible and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

As Pulse Charter Connect continues to evolve, where are some areas where you see the company growing?

Beyond organ transplant, we want to be the go-to platform for all on demand medical transportation, whether it’s neo-natal, critical care, trauma, or others.

Where can people go to learn more about Pulse Charter Connect? Visit our website at or email the team directly at