Our Team

Our employees are truly our greatest asset. We’ve spent years building our team of talented and dedicated technologists, data-driven traders and leaders who emulate our core values:



Our team at Simplex thrives in a collaborative environment where teamwork drives overall
business success. This partnership ensures that our technology team can effectively transform the strategies conceived by our traders into efficient, scalable code that helps drive and capture opportunities in the market.


Ethics & Risk Management:

We have an obligation to our customers and the marketplace to maintain the highest standards. Our goal each and every day is to help bring the best liquidity to the market and provide our partners with access to the best possible execution and servicing of their orders.


Diverse Opinions & Experience:

Part of our success stems from our team’s diversity of backgrounds, opinions and experiences both within and outside the financial world.

Interested in joining an open, collaborative team that allows your talents to shine?
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I love everything about my job! I love the people, the attitude, the hard work that gets done day in day out. People are genuinely happy to come to work and enjoy what they are working on. Simplex fosters a healthy work environment that allows work-life balance and ample opportunities to grow and make an impact from the very start.

Angela Lucas – Chief Compliance Officer


Meet Our Leaders

Erik Swanson

Erik Swanson

Chief Executive Officer

Erik joined Simplex right out of college as a member of the trading team and advanced from Trader to Head Trader before becoming CEO in 2014. In his role, Erik’s key focus is to make Simplex bigger and better every day by identifying opportunities to expand Simplex into new business lines and empowering his team to pursue their interests, seize new opportunities and maximize their impact on the firm.

Angela Lucas

Angela Lucas

Chief Compliance Officer

Angela is passionate about compliance and loves the fast-paced, ever changing environment of rules and regulations. In her role as Chief Compliance Officer and AMLCO, Angela is responsible for overseeing and managing the day-to-day compliance responsibilities for the firm. As a leader, Angela encourages resourcefulness and is a big advocate of learning and growing by asking questions. Outside of that, she’s a checklist following mother of three little ones who absolutely loves what she does and wouldn’t trade it in for anything!

Dave Haufe

Dave Haufe

Chief Technology Officer

As the Chief Technology Officer, Dave manages all aspects of Simplex’s technology program as well as day-to-day management of the broader business. Prior to becoming the CTO, Dave worked as a developer for Simplex and, even in his current role, enjoys working alongside the team to identify problems, determine solutions and develop, test, and deploy trading software with maximum speed and minimal bureaucracy.